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Find the time to write.

A couple of posts ago, I wrote: I’m always going on about the things you need for a book project—mindset, good ideas, structure—but I’m realizing I never mention the elephant in the room: You need time. You need time to think and time to write and time to procrastinate because you’re not a writing robot. *** Then I promised I’d share “tips” for finding the time. Shoulda known better. 🤦‍♀️ Because, today I wrote a long, prescriptive thing telling you to do less. You only have so many hours. It’s MATH, (bro). Simple! Except once I wrote it, it sounded kind of condescending and boring, and so I decided I’m not sending you that one.​ *** Instead, I’ll tell you two *super-scientific* ways of thinking about time that have helped me. 1. Big chunks 2. Tiny slivers I started writing consistently with tiny

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The One Thing You Need to Write Your Book On Your Own

Why do people decide to work with a ghostwriter instead of writing their book on their own? I gave a talk last week where I answered this question. I get it a lot and I’ve answered it in print before, too. There’s one glaringly obvious reason I didn’t explore in that article: People hire us because they don’t have time to write their book.

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Is my book idea any good?

A book is the telling of a sequence of events that together describe a meaningful transformation. An idea doesn’t have to do any of that. So that’s the gap you need to bridge.

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‘I want to write a book.’: It can be a wish or a plan.

A lot of people have said, “I want to write a book someday.” They’ve repeated it in their own heads. Out loud. To me. To their dog. “I want to write a book someday.” It can be a wish or it can be a plan. Fellow writer and business buddy Zita Christian said to me, “Writing your first book is like cooking a whole Thanksgiving turkey. It’s easier if you get some practice first.” “What, like first you should roast a chicken?” I asked. I chewed on that, as it were. Yeah! First you should roast a chicken. As in: a lot of people who would like to cook a Thanksgiving dinner, soup to nuts, but are overwhelmed by the idea of it, would benefit from tackling a smaller project as practice. Especially if they’ve never cooked in their lives, or haven’t

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What Is a Ghostwriter and Why Do You Need One?

    What do you think it takes to write a book?  I used to think it took genius ideas and a healthy dose of commitment. Then I became a ghostwriter. And now I can tell you, while you need them, genius ideas and commitment are not enough to get your book done. Especially if you run a business and/or have a thriving career and a life outside of work.  So what else do you need?  Here’s where a ghostwriter comes in. A ghostwriter can mean the difference between an abandoned book project and a finished book. Traditionally, clients hire ghostwriters to take their great ideas and turn them into a book. Ghostwriters often don’t get author credit or any credit. Sometimes they’re listed in the “Acknowledgments” section of the book.  But that traditional “ghostwriter” definition is rapidly expanding to become accessible to

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