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Your Marketing Email = A Sweaty Note Passed in Junior High

This is how a lot of marketing emails look. What’s the problem with this? Remember 8th grade? It was awkward for me. (I would include an image of my school picture here but I burned them.) ANYWAY, in 8th grade my best friend was Cecilia, we both loved The X-Files and I had a huge crush on David Duchovny. And we wrote each other letters. Long letters—I know some of them were about The X-Files but otherwise I really don’t remember what they were about.  We passed them to each other at lunch and after school. (Even though we sat together at lunch.)  Did you write letters in junior high? Maybe you wrote long emails to friends in college. Or have had long, flirty text exchanges with people you’ve dated.  What do those communications have in common? They are one-to-one. 

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Giving Yourself Permission… with Denise Duffield-Thomas

I was talking with a friend about the wide-ranging 60-minute conversation I had with Denise, and she said, “Maggie, you didn’t ask her a single question about email.” Well, that’s true. BUT. I did ask her a lot of questions about the things having an email marketing strategy allows mothers who are business owners like her to do, like: Quit juggling everything at once and free up time Exercise your right to get help, say no, and ask for more Build a business that is a separate entity from you, even if you’re the face of it Embrace entrepreneurship to build something that is just for you But let’s back up. Who is Denise? Denise Duffield-Thomas is an online entrepreneur, author, and mother of 3 in Newcastle, Australia. She helps women create wealth through her mindset courses and practical wisdom

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2 Ingredients to Write Emails that Don’t Suck: “Proximity and a Reason”

Renee was talking about selling before the Internet. No Facebook ads, no funnels, no Zoom. She told me that she taught her teams that if they wanted to set up a meeting with a potential client, they needed “proximity and a reason to reach out.” So they needed to be in a place where their potential client would be, and they needed a reason to strike up a conversation. It made me think of The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton, which I was reading at the time. The book was written about 100 years ago and it’s set in 1890. So like, waaaay before the internet. A few of the male characters are members of a club. A literal “old boys’ club.” It dawned on me: these clubs existed not just to make their fancy members feel even fancier, but so that

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What does ‘nurture your list’ mean?

“Nurture” is one of those business-speak marketing words that means nothing because it means different things to different people. Does “nurturing” your contacts mean, “email them regularly even though 80% or more of them never open your emails”? I think it means something else: Want to know more about how to talk to your list? Sign up for my list!

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I’m So Off-Brand Right Now

What do we think about having a “personal brand”? Have we “basically been seduced into objectifying and dehumanizing ourselves,” as my friend Jason put it?  Yikes. In 2018, one thing I was really proud of was identifying a mission. I’ve thought of it as this: I am a person who is committed to helping women give themselves permission to create space and have an identity that belongs to them and them alone. Now — is that my personal brand? If it is my personal brand, then what do I do with days like yesterday? Yesterday massive guilt consumed me as I carried my 1-year-old in to daycare after a week off. Morgan LOVES to stay at home. He loves napping in his bedroom. He likes the living room and the backyard. He sits next to the dog in the kitchen and gazes

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Talking about your “second shift” doesn’t just make you relatable. It makes you a revolutionary.

A friend sent me a passage from Dare to Lead by Brené Brown. She quotes Melinda Gates: “I also started talking a little bit more about my children in these meetings. I’d always shied away from the subject just because it felt so personal. But it’s turned out to resonate with a lot of employees who are also trying to balance work and home life — and who are also living their values every day at the foundation and through their parenting. I feel more connected to the individuals and the collective culture of the foundation because Ive taken steps to let myself be vulnerable” “This is what you’ve been saying!!” said my friend. I’d like to take it a step farther. I don’t think you should talk about your kids at work just because it makes you more relatable. Although that’s

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What I Learned About Entrepreneurship From ‘Clipless Pedals’

Last weekend I taught myself how to ride my bike with clip pedals (or “clipless” pedals… which are clip pedals?) I have not been so proud of anything I’ve done since I birthed my baby in October. Seriously. I have been active in cycling and triathlon since 2016, and I could never bring myself to go for clipping in It just too scary. But I finally COMMITTED.  And I realized: achieving a goal is not about trying and getting it right the first time. Or the fifth time. It’s about marshaling all your resources, all your experience, and… leaping. If you’re in business for yourself, this may sound familiar.  So let me take you through how I went from paralyzed with fear to competent in a weekend. Saturday I get into my driveway, with all the nerdy cycling gear on—the

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The Big Time-Management De-Railer (It’s Not Procrastination)

Here’s how I approach time-management on a bad day: 

  1. Write out a detailed schedule for a few days
  2. Stick religiously to the schedule for a few days
  3. Have a day where I don’t stick to the schedule 
  4. Beat myself up at the end of the day for not sticking to it. 
  5. Feel overwhelmed. Give up on all schedules forever. Procrastinate.

Does this sound familiar?

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