Book Breakthrough

Don't waste months writing in circles.
In just 8 weeks, map out your page-turner, chapter by chapter.

What if....

it’s not just motivation and willpower you need to get your book done?

What if you need a guide who can break down the process, so that you don’t waste time or get overwhelmed and quit?

Right now you have an idea and motivation, but you don’t know the next step. With Book Breakthrough, save yourself months or even years trying to figure it out on your own.

Book Breakthrough:
8 Weeks From Idea to Roadmap

Program Price: $1,950


Tell me if this sounds like you:

You’ve had a book idea on your mind. You’re definitely going to write it “someday.” 

Maybe you’ve set aside mornings, a weekend, a whole vacation! You were going to “focus on the book.” But every time you sat down to write… you felt lost.

You start to wonder,

“Do I just suck at writing?”

What if there were a way to finish all the heavy lifting of writing a book in just 8 weeks? So all that was left was telling your story?

I created Book Breakthrough because I’ve seen too many highly motivated first-time authors give up before they finish.

It’s not because they suck at writing. It’s not even because they don’t have time. 

It’s because, after making the commitment to write the book and coming up with a great idea… 

they did not know the next step to take. 

**Hint: The next step is NOT just starting randomly writing.**

In 8 weeks, Book Breakthrough guides you through the next step you really need, ending with a chapter by chapter roadmap. Not an outline. Anyone can write an outline for a book no one will ever read. 

Book Breakthrough is here to deliver a roadmap to writing a page-turner. 

Book Breakthrough will guide you through

Program Price: $1,950


Right now, you have an idea and motivation, but you don't know the next step. I work with highly motivated first-time authors who create an outline and then dive right into writing. But they're missing key components. They—like you—are committed to writing their book! But starting straight in with writing Chapter 1 is a bit like saying, “I want to build a house. Guess I should get over to Home Depot and buy some wood.

What if you knew what experienced writers and editors know? 

Hi, I’m Maggie.

I have spent my entire career helping people seize audiences’ attention and moving them to action using the written word. I have a master’s degree from the Columbia School of Journalism. Yet when it came to writing my own content…

I am a writer and editor who spent YEARS avoiding writing.

But after I developed the Be About Something method, I wrote the book on it (literally!) in under a month, while running my own consulting business, and without waking up at 4 am or staying up until 1 a.m. to do it.

Since May 2020, I’ve written two books, and helped a dozen others get off the ground. Through that experience, as well as my nearly 20 years spent as a writer, editor, and marketer, I’ve developed Book Breakthrough. 

The techniques I teach in Book Breakthrough made it possible for me to write a book even during a world-altering pandemic when I had spotty childcare. Since then, I continue to share with clients how I went from not writing for over a decade to writing every week and writing a book within a month.

Unit 1. Get your idea book-ready with the "North Star" system

You have a great idea, and maybe you can sum up your book idea in just a few words or sentences. That’s great! But – not enough to start writing. It’s not even enough to start outlining.

For that, you need to consider 3 essential questions, so that you develop an idea that is a “North Star,” guiding you through the rest of the book-writing process.

Unit 2. You’ve got a great idea. But will people care?

Even the greatest idea can fall flat if you don’t a compelling story that makes your readers hang on your every chapter ending, wondering just what will happen next? 

In this unit, you’ll decide on content. You’ll pick a Hero and learn about my spin on the “Hero’s Journey,” and how developing your story will absolutely transform your book from “interesting” to “ ZOMG I read it in two days and told all my friends!!” 

Unit 3. Let's build a page-turner.

In this unit, you’ll learn about the 2 Ss—suspense and sequencing. You’ll also begin writing your roadmap, learning how to filter the information you’re sharing in your book through the narrative you outlined in Unit 2. 

Unit 4. Finish the Roadmap

In this unit we’ll do nothing but fill in your Roadmap, building a chapter outline and the details of your story. 


At the end of 8 weeks, you’ll have a Roadmap that will lead you through the rest of the book-writing process. 


Total: $1,950 (payable in 1 or 3 payments)

The schedule (all times Pacific)

Book Breakthrough begins October 4. We alternate between a writing week and a coaching week. 

Writing weeks 

(Weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7) 

Monday: Your receive your unit video lesson and assignments. You can work on your writing assignment whenever you have time throughout the week. Plan to spend at least 2 hours this week writing. 

Wednesday: Writer’s Cave at 12 pm 

Office Hours happen every Wednesday from 1 to 4 pm on Voxer, a voice memo app. Ask any question, and I will answer you in real time during these hours in our private 1-on-1 thread. 

The following Monday: submit your work to me so that I can read it in time for our live coaching sessions. 

Coaching weeks

Live 1-on-1

(Weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8) Save these dates! Oct. 12, Oct. 26, Nov. 9, Nov. 30 (times will vary between morning and afternoon to make these session as convenient as possible for everyone)

On these dates, we will gather on Zoom. You’ll receive live coaching  from me. You will submit your work to me, and we will discuss it live.

Peer-to-Peer Feedback

Two important things to know about peer-to-peer feedback:


  1. Feedback you give and get will be guided by very specific questions I provide. Peer feedback is not critique. We are not making any value judgements on book ideas or stories. 
  1. Peer feedback will be an invaluable part of Book Breakthrough. I have expertise that makes me proud to offer this program, but the point of Book Breakthrough is for you to outline a book that people will actually read. 

Your peers will help you understand whether your idea and narrative follow the instructions in each unit. You’ll help them understand the same thing.


Praise for Maggie Frank-Hsu

writing coach testimonial

“Maggie, you are a genius. In two conversations, you helped me break through blocks that had been holding me back for months.”

— Margo Aaron,

“I was super impressed. I’ve taken classes before but this was so much more useful. It’s the best decision I’ve made to invest back into my business.”

— Chanda Jothen,

“Before working with Maggie, I had ideas about topics and opinions I could write about, but I definitely wasn’t confident enough to post something out into the world. Maggie helped me identify my roadblocks and once we worked those out it was easier to work through them. As I go forward and write more for my business I will be continuing to remember little tips and techniques Maggie taught me.”

— Kylie Findlay,


1. How much editing will I receive in Book Breakthrough?

You won’t receive any line-editing in this program. That’s because you are creating the framework for your book, not writing each line. You’ll receive bi-weekly feedback from me via 1-on-1 live coaching, and you’ll be able to ask questions every Wednesday during Office Hours.

2. How far can I expect to get with writing my book?

I recommend you do not write the text of the book itself during Book Breakthrough. I know, I KNOW, the whole point is to write your book. 

But by running this program and completing these assignments,  you will save yourself so many months of aimless writing. I have seen it time and time again. That’s why Book Breakthrough focuses on a detailed outline of your book’s information AND story. 

You will probably use some or even a lot of what you write in Book Breakthrough in the text of your book. But the most important outcome of Book Breakthrough is for you to have a roadmap that makes writing that text easier and quicker than it would have been otherwise. 

3. Can you edit my finished book?

Yes, I have limited slots in 2022 for individual editing. When we finish Book Breakthrough, if you’re still interested, we can set up a time to talk. 

4. What are the dates again?

This program starts on October 4 and ends December 3. 

5. I’m out of town on Thanksgiving.

Have fun! We are taking the week of American Thanksgiving completely off. (That’s Nov. 22-26.) This is an 8-week program but because we will take Thanksgiving off, Book Breakthrough will complete 9 weeks after it begins.

6. Is this just for nonfiction books?

Yes, Book Breakthrough is only for nonfiction books, which includes memoir. 

7. Will there be other rounds of Book Breakthrough?

Yes. Because this is the first time I am offering Book Breakthrough, $1,450 is the least expensive it will ever be. The price will go up in 2022. If you want to wait, I will probably offer another round in April or May. 

8. What’s the payment plan?

You can pay either in one payment of $1,450 or in 3 monthly payments. 

9. How do I sign up?

 Let’s start with an application and a free 15-minute phone call, which you can start here. 

Got more questions not covered here? Email for answers.

Get the heavy lifting of writing your book done in 8 weeks.

Book Breakthrough is for you if…

Book Breakthrough is not for you if…

How exactly does this work?

When you click the button to apply, you’ll fill out a short questionnaire that helps me get to know you. Then you’ll schedule a time for a free 20-minute chat so that you get a chance to get to know me and ask any questions. 

Email with any questions.

Refund Policy

There will be no refunds after purchase.

In one week… you’ll have the North Star that guides you through the rest of the book-writing process.

In three months… you could have a finished first draft in your hands.

In one year from now… you could be internationally known for expertise that no one before you has ever shared, and no one after will ever repeat.
You could help untold numbers of people who need your unique combination of personality, experience and expertise.
You could help others in your industry who will build on your ideas.

Book Breakthrough: Don't waste months writing in circles.
In just 8 weeks, map out your page-turner, chapter by chapter

Book Breakthrough price: $1,950.

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