DIY your welcome series!

Is email dead?

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I mean, does anyone really read it?

Or does your ideal client join your list because you were offering a “freebie” she wanted. So she downloads the freebie and then checks out.

Your amazing free advice that could transform her business… never gets read Your offers. Your invitations to show up to a Facebook Live that could make her some money. She’s trashing them all without reading! or marking them as read without reading, or doing nothing and ending up with with 43,000 unreads in her inbox.

Because you and every other marketer are sending her hundreds of emails a day.


But guess what?

Your ideal client does read some email. Just not yours.

You know what makes her open and read an email?

It’s not catchy subject lines.

Actually, it’s not ANYTHING about the subject lines. 


Think about how you deal with your own inbox!

When you scan your email, you open the emails from your paying customers, your kid’s babysitter, your cousin, your plumber, an old boss… it doesn’t matter what the subject line is.

It could say “Re:” (scintillating). It could say No subject. (tell me more I’m hooked.)

You open it because: 

“I know that guy.” 


Your ideal client opens email from people she knows.

That means: you need to be a person she knows. You need to make a connection with your prospect so that when she sees your name in her email inbox, she goes, “I know that woman.” 

The Welcome Series is the way to do that. 

With the welcome series, you:

  • Humanize yourself! And recognize that your new subscriber is also a human being!

  • Let them know you give a s**t that they joined your list!

  • Tell them what you will be sending them and how it will help them!

  • Set expectations – how often will you be emailing them?

  • Tell them about other places where they can find you!

… and so much more.

I have a Welcome Series template to share with you that will have your subscribers going from one-and-done to picking your name out of the crowd of their inbox.

And I’m offering it for a limited-time price of $97.

Grab yours today! I don’t usually offer this Welcome Series for a such a low price, but I’m tired of seeing my fellow mom entrepreneurs leaving money on the table! By not treating your brand new subscribers like human beings whom you’re welcome to your very special online party, leaving money on the table is exactly what you’re doing.

Want the EXACT BLUEPRINT to write your own welcome series?



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