Copy of ‘Done-for-You’ Implementation

If you know what you need to accomplish with automation and segmentation (either because you’ve already done a Design Your Strategy session with me, or because you’ve cobbled together an email strategy from somewhere else), but you don’t want to

  • learn the technology or

  • write the emails…

Done For You is the way to go.

What You Get

  • An implemented automated email strategy that enables you to start earning money from email consistently.

  • You’ll earn at least 20 times what you pay me for the lifetime of the email automation.

  • A strategy to build your list with quality leads who actually need what you’re offering (not a bunch of dudes who think you send “too much email”)

The Process

  1. I start by interviewing your clients so you know exactly why people buy—and why they don’t.

  2. I design your email strategy map so that you know exactly how many emails you need and when to send them.

  3. I write all the emails, create the sequences, and the segmentation in your email service provider. (Preferred ESPs are Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, and Drip.)

  4. We “let it ride” for 30-60 days, depending on the size of your list. Emails go live and we observe how they perform.

  5. I review the results, and make changes based on my unique test-and-learn process.

You Provide

All graphics

  • Third party systems like Deadline Funnel or Sumo for popups

  • Landing page design

  • Optional: If you prefer, you can write your own emails based on my outlines, but it’s not required.

I do the rest! The result is an automated email strategy that makes money for you every month.

Price & Timeline

Implementation projects start at $5,000 and have a minimum 6-month commitment.

Think this might be what you need? Schedule a free 20-minute Clarity Call with me.

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