Email Sweet Spot Group Program


You’ve built a successful business and you know how to sell. It’s time to put some of that hard-earned expertise on auto-pilot.

This group is designed for…

Online business owners who sell digital products, and for one-on-one services providers who more often than not find clients through word of mouth referral, but want their online marketing efforts to produce paying clients.

You’ve created or are planning to create a course or subscription program that you’re planning to sell for at least $197.

But you have no idea how you’re going to sell it. Launch? Maybe some of those people who can’t afford to work with you one-on-one will want it? You’re not sure.

I’ve put together a group of women who are committed to slaying this dragon together.

The Email Sweet Spot program is for you if:

  • You want to figure out exactly how to sell your product and create your brand new stream of income.

  • You’re booked out and maxed out on how much you can earn from face-to-face consulting, and you need another way to increase your income.

What you get

Over 6 months, you’ll transform your business by adding a revenue stream that comes entirely from your email list. You will create an automated email marketing strategy and implement it into your business. The program includes weekly trainings, coaching from me, dedicated work days, and support from your peers.

Step-by-Step Training: Every other Tuesday, I’ll share a new class based on the theme for that month (see curriculum below). Each class will be about 30 minutes long, and it’s not necessary to show up live.

I just wanted to tell you… you explain everything so well on Voxer. You’re pulling it together for me so clearly, saying, ‘These are the things you need to do next – A, B, and C.’ Not all coaches are good at that. It’s just really, really helpful for me.
— Amanda H.

Weekly Implementation Days: Every Wednesday, come to “Mom Cave” – 45 minutes of uninterrupted work time, live on Zoom, done together.

2x a week, unlimited access to me on Voxer: Every Wednesday and Friday, get some 1:1 coaching from me. Ask me anything about email!

Email Editing: You’ll get one round of edits from me on every email you write within the program.

The curriculum

Month 1: Re-engage your list and welcome newbies

  • Send an email series that gets people excited to hear from you

  • Learn why (and how) to run this series every 3 months and put it on autopilot

  • Write a welcome sequence that will make them love you

Month 2:  Getting yourself set up to automate

  • Revamp your newsletter

  • Learn all about segmentation – setting up tags and custom fields that will transform the way you do business

Month 3: Your first Automated conversion sequence

  • Write a fully automated sequence that sells your product for you, using the language your ideal client uses to talk about their problems and the transformation they wish to see in their life

  • Implement the sequence no matter what email service provider you use

  • Collect data: learn how to track performance of the sequence and what the numbers mean

Month 4: Pop-ups, forms, and writing more conversion sequences

  • Find out what they’re interested in as soon as they opt in to your list.

  • Learn how to keep asking your audience to opt-in, and why this method means they will never accuse you of sending “too much” email

Month 5: Downselling

  • Create sequences that re-connect with those who didn’t buy and continue a relationship with them

  • Interview those who didn’t buy to find out what they want and need

  • Write the sequence that sells them that

Month 6: Optimizing

  • Continued support for data collection and a plan for how, when and why to change the emails within each sequence

$497 per month

Intro price: $297 per month, 6 month commitment

This price will continue to increase throughout 2019, so don’t wait to secure your spot!

I’ve really been inspired by what you’re creating and the mentorship you’re giving us in the Email Sweet Spot. You’ve made me want to jump in, go fast, go hard, and go proud. Thank you!
— Mary C.

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