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Picture this...

You carve an hour out of the chaos that is your life to write. 

At the end of the hour, you read back what you’ve written and think…This is pretty good! This thing I’ve written has potential.  

Maybe you’ve written 

  • the start of an essay you’ve been meaning to write for a while, or
  • a key scene in a book you’ve been working on
  • the major points of a keynote address or “anchor blog post” that encapsulates your unique expertise

Then life happens and you don’t get back to it for a few days (or longer). When you do, you feel less sure. 

The initial momentum is gone and it feels impossible to recapture.

At this point, a lot of writers reach out to colleagues, friends, or family for feedback. It makes sense: if someone you trust reads it, maybe they can point out to you something you’re missing.

The problem with asking for feedback is that it can lead you right off a cliff. By the end, you don’t even know if you’re making things better or worse.

This confusion can lead you to give up on your new, precious thing. We don’t want that!

What if you could get specific feedback from a pro, designed to recapture your momentum?

That's the 3-2-1 Review

3 - You submit between 500-1500 words—up to 3 pages

2 - Maggie returns to you 2 sets of feedback:
  • Comments highlighting the elements of your work that are working and that you can feel confident about.
  • Constructive questions to ask yourself as you continue to develop the work.
1 - in 1 video (5-10 minutes in length)

Get it for $119 

Why 3-2-1 Review?

You need someone with proven expertise in improving other people’s writing. That’s me!

Also, you get two specific, useful types of feedback. 

  1. A list of elements that are working so you feel encouraged to keep going
  2. A specific action to take on the elements that need more work, so that you know exactly how to regain momentum

Why Video?

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How is 3-2-1 Review different from what you’ve already tried?

Have you ever found yourself going down feedback rabbit holes? Ever been confused by feedback and not sure whether incorporating it will make your piece better or worse?

As a writer and editor with over 20 years of experience, Maggie has worked with hundreds of writers who show their work to friends or family before hiring her. Over the years, she has identified a pattern. 

Here are three types of readers who have led her clients astray:

1. The Cheerleader

This reviewer loves everything you do. They just want you to keep going, keep writing, keep shining! You got this! It’s invaluable to have support from the Cheerleader. Their hype is irreplaceable!  But! 

The Cheerleader can’t offer specifics. “You’re awesome!” It’s a fact, but it’s not specific.

  • What is awesome?
  • What is the potential that you may not see that they can see?

2. The Underminer

This reader wants you to fail. Seems obvious: don’t show your work to this person. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, a lot of us DO show our work to this person. When we do, we find they: 

  • have warped ideas about writing, like “If it doesn’t come easily, maybe you should try something else.” 
  • pick on aspects of the work that are really about their own preferences, insecurities, or their relationship with you. 
  • provide vague comments that (intentionally or not) are designed to make your work feel like a struggle.  They give you feedback that at best confuses you and at worst discourages you. 

This is a dangerous reader who may pave the way to you giving up.

3. The Well-Intentioned Amateur

This person isn’t an Underminer because they don’t want to see you fail. They just have a lot of opinions and no expertise. #sorrynotsorry

This person 

  • Offers all the feedback that pops into their head, with no regard for where you are at in the developmental process 
  • Offers feedback on all the different elements of your story, from the plot to the characters to basic grammar mistakes! 

Their feedback feels scattershot, and impossible to incorporate into your work.

If you’ve ever given up on a piece of writing after getting feedback from a colleague, friend, or family member, chances are you’ve encountered at least one of these readers.

So. What should you do instead?

Same thing you’d do if you’ve tried to get friends to help you

  • move
  • dye your hair
  • fix your car

and it hasn’t worked out.

Hire a pro.


3-2-1 Review

3 - You submit between 500-1500 words—up to 3 pages

2 - Maggie returns to you 2 sets of feedback:
  • Genuine comments affirming the elements that are working.
  • Constructive questions to ask yourself as you continue to develop the work.
1 - in 1 video (5-10 minutes in length)

Get it for $119

How do you know Maggie won’t be just another Cheerleader, Underminer, or Well-Intentioned Amateur?

Maggie Frank-Hsu is a writer and editor, who has worked with hundreds of writers over the past 25 years. Maggie self-published her first book, Be About Something in 2020, which she wrote to help people who wanted to write but needed help figuring out what they wanted to say and how they wanted to say it. 

Ways Maggie works with writers:

Before Maggie started her own business, she:

  • worked at magazines like Gourmet, Martha Stewart Living, and ESPN the Magazine
  • graduated from the Columbia School of Journalism with a Master’s in Journalism
  • developed social media, email and web strategy as an online marketer for eight years

Here are what clients have said about working with Maggie:

book breakthrough testimonial
“I was super impressed. I’ve taken classes before but this was so much more useful. It’s the best decision I’ve made to invest back into my business.”

— Chanda Jothen, pinkoatmeal.com

book breakthrough testimonial
“Before working with Maggie, I had ideas about topics and opinions I could write about, but I definitely wasn’t confident enough to post something out into the world. Maggie helped me identify my roadblocks and once we worked those out it was easier to work through them. As I go forward and write more for my business I will be continuing to remember little tips and techniques Maggie taught me.”

— Kylie Findlay, kyliefindlay.com

3-2-1 Review is not opinion or critique.

Maggie has distilled more than twenty years of experience as magazine editor, book editor, and writer to deliver feedback to do two things essential to writing momentum: 

✅ provide a clear understanding of what is working in the piece, which will encourage you and will allow you to conserve your energy for

a specific action to take on the elements that need more work.

3-2-1 Review is for you if…

  • You are writing fiction or nonfiction
  • You have at least 500 words of original prose text for an essay, blog post, book chapter, or whole book.
  • The work is unfinished
  • You feel unsure about how to take the next right step
  • Your goal is to finish but you’re not sure how close or far you are from the finish line

3-2-1 Review is not for you if…

  • You are writing poetry
  • You have a short piece of finished work and you want edits
  • You don’t have a goal to finish your work

How exactly does 3-2-1 Review work?

When you click the button to purchase, check your inbox!

Within minutes you’ll receive an email from maggie at maggiefrankhsu.com with instructions to email 500-1,500 words to Maggie.

That’s it!

Once Maggie receives your work, she will email a confirmation and an expected turnaround date (usually within three business days.)

On that date, you will receive the 3-2-1 Review via a screen capture video no more than 10 minutes long.

Email info@maggiefrankhsu.com with any questions.

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

In one week…

you could be finishing an article that gets you noticed and hired on Linkedin, or gets you a follow-up with a literary agent.

In one month…

you could have a finished article in your hands or be well on your way writing a book.

In one year from now…

you could be internationally known for expertise that no one before you has ever shared, and no one after will ever repeat.

You could help untold numbers of people who need your unique combination of personality, experience and expertise.

You could help others in your industry who will build on your ideas.

3-2-1 Review

You get all this for $119

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