Read This While in Line for Costco

What really matters. A biz buddy of mine is organizing a free, low-tech summit called “The New Normal.” (More details below in the PS.) Anyway, she asked for volunteers to share presentations on how we’re “surviving this thing as a self-employed mom.” I texted her back, “My topic—working title—would be ‘how to continue to assert your personhood separate from your kids when you’re suddenly with your kids all the time’. Let me know if that’s too esoteric.” Nope, she said. “Not too esoteric. So important.” Oh, that’s good, I thought. Now… to get busy on devising the answer. … I’ve had ups and downs, but overall life has gotten better, happier, and more successful as I’ve gotten older. I am grateful for it. I have often wondered, “What will happen the next time I fall on hard times? What will happen […]

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