Find the time to write.

A couple of posts ago, I wrote: I’m always going on about the things you need for a book project—mindset, good ideas, structure—but I’m realizing I never mention the elephant in the room: You need time. You need time to think and time to write and time to procrastinate because you’re not a writing robot. *** Then I promised I’d share “tips” for finding the time. Shoulda known better. ?‍♀️ Because, today I wrote a long, prescriptive thing telling you to do less. You only have so many hours. It’s MATH, (bro). Simple! Except once I wrote it, it sounded kind of condescending and boring, and so I decided I’m not sending you that one.​ *** Instead, I’ll tell you two *super-scientific* ways of thinking about time that have helped me. 1. Big chunks 2. Tiny slivers I started writing consistently with tiny […]

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