Artists are MADE, not BORN

Hey, Do you think you suck at writing? Periodically when I work with a client, before we can really get going, first we have to talk about all the reasons they can’t write a book. Usually one of the reasons is that someone told them they suck at writing. I wish I could say this story was less common. Whenever they tell me, I feel for them. Then recently I realized the same thing had happened to me. Not with writing (although I carry plenty of writing baggage, too), but with visual art. High school, freshman year, I took a studio art class with some older kids. I dreaded it because 1. it was required and 2. I already knew I was “bad” at art. Teachers had always winced at my drawings. I’d stick-figured my way well into fourth grade. I’d made […]

Artists are MADE, not BORN