getting organized

Get It Done.

I wrote down my goals during the workshop. I looked at them.

They looked back at me.

In any goal-setting, goal-achieving program, this is usually as far as I get.

One Simple Change That Will Make You Feel 100% More Organized

I got this great tip from Cassie Nevitt: Color-code your calendar. Maybe you already color-code yours–but I bet you don’t do it this way. Cassie’s tip was to color-code based on the category of the activity, so that at a glance, you can see the type of week you’re going to have and can mentally prepare for it.  Here’s this week for me (I covered up names for privacy’s sake):    This is my coding system:  Blue: self-care Red: Husband not here =  me taking care of all baby-related needs Light Red: Time with husband Orange: Time With family Green: Revenue-generating time  Peach: Planning, non-business Gray: Pitching, drumming up business, selling Turquoise: Writing Yellow: Education, planning for my business Lilac: Meeting not otherwise covered  This color-coding system has changed the way I schedule my time. For example, blue is my …

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