When was the last time writing was fun for you?

Can you think of a moment when you’ve found the act of writing fun?

You can? Oh good, let’s try something. I want you to bottle your moment.

Recall that fun moment. What made it fun?

Was it …

  • the topic you were writing about?
  • the place where you were writing it?

OR WAS IT this less definable element: the act of sharing something. Of going from knowing something – maybe not something life-changing but a certain tiny, sparkling, sputtering something – to not keeping it to yourself for another moment?

Also. If your answer is NO, you never find writing fun, but you’d like to, I recommend the same exercise in curiosity. Watch yourself wrestle an idea and marvel at your ability to squeeze it onto paper, and then observe: what is it that atomizes the fun out of that process for you?

Am I saying writing should always be fun? Oh, I don’t know. I don’t always find it fun. Exactly.

I mean, if I do the bottling exercise on myself, I have to admit I very often DO find it fun.

But sometimes it’s fun the way waking up in Rome with a cafe latte poured out of a ceramic pot with tiny pink flowers on it and a whole day ahead of you is fun. And sometimes it’s fun in the way that being a 40-year-old who is finally, ephemerally caught up on laundry is fun.

Different kinds of fun.

Maybe it’s better to expand your definition of fun than to claim writing’s never fun?


PS: Awkward segue/but now that I have thought this I can’t un-think it:

George Wallace has the most fun when he writes. I’m sorry to link you to Twitter. Don’t get sucked down a rabbit hole! Just read a few of his tweets. So fun.

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