What If You Could Add Thousands to Your Revenue Every Single Month?

You are rad.

You were working a job, maybe even a job you liked, and you thought,

“I can do more.”

You hesitated, but you knew you had it in you. So, you quit, and created your business. It’s a work in progress for sure, but one thing you’re proud of: you really help your clients. You sell a service that people really love and need. And you’re elated because you’re able to provide your family with a source of income. 

But you know how those little voices of doubt tug at your sleeve sometimes?

Maybe you finish up your workday, and you say to yourself,

Hmm. I remember that day at my last job when I got yet another dirty look for leaving at 5 on the dot because daycare close at 5:30, not 5:35 or 5:40. (Even though I hopped right back into my work email after my kids’ bedtime.)

But that was the day. I knew I had to find a better way to make money, help people, and have flexible hours without the death stares. … But here I am a few years later, waking up early to squeeze in work, and… dammit, I’m STILL flipping my laptop open after bedtime, TOO. Is this work really more flexible? I barely get time to stuff a KIND bar in my face some days!

Or you look at your revenue, and you think, “How am I going to earn more money? I don’t have more hours. I want to grow, but every time I get a few referrals, I can barely balance them all. I worry about under-delivering because there’s just so much to do. … Then some months I’m hustling just to get any income for that month.”

“I’m tired of feeling embarrassed.”

“I’m tired of feeling like I don’t contribute to this family because my income is so unreliable.“

“And, really, I’M TIRED of not getting what I want.”

“Does that make me sound like one of my kids? Well, so be it. I want:

to work less than I did at my job

to make more than I made at my job

Other people are doing it. Why can’t I?


“Some days, I feel totally and emotionally tapped out by 8 a.m. I have such a narrow window of high energy, but my business is requiring more and more hustle from me. ” 

Do I need to start all over?


I feel like I’ve already tried the stuff the ‘marketing geniuses’ recommend, and it’s just not working for me like they promised it will.”


Imagine instead… 

  • you could grow your revenue without spending more hours on 1-on-1 client work 

  • all your hustle resulted in consistently higher revenue each month

  • People bought from you over and over, without having to pitch them every time


What would it mean to you…

to be able to grow your business revenue consistently, month after month, so you could treat yourself?

Walk around Target by yourself, in the faux-fancy makeup section, instead of rushing to the dog food section with kids in tow. To feel like you had your very own system for finding new customers and for expanding your repeat business? What would it mean (finally!) to have the time to work on the parts of your business that make you happiest–without worrying about falling into a “feast or famine” cycle and not being quite sure whether you’ve just hit a lean month or the beginning of a long rough patch? 


I can help you get there.

It’s the list, stupid. (As they say.) Maybe you’re not sending email. Maybe you’re sending loads of emails to people who don’t want to hear from you and are never going to click (or buy from) you.

In any case, it’s the list. When you learn e-mail list segmentation, you harness the power to sell to people who are actually interested in buying.

E-mail list segmentation and automated e-mail sequences  can 10x the amount of money you make from each list subscriber.  

  • Signing up new leads to your email list who actually need what you are selling, resulting in a higher earnings per subscriber.

  • Asking e-mail subscribers what they want, rather than pelting them with messages that they ignore.  

Want to hear more about how email strategy can amp up your business? Click to schedule a free breakthrough session with me.


Who I am:

TheLeoLoves-2635 copy.jpg

My name’s Maggie Frank-Hsu, and for the past 15 years I’ve helped businesses capture their audience’s attention and move them to action via the written word.

I’ve always been a writer, and I received my Master’s degree from Columbia School of Journalism and worked for national magazines like Gourmet, Martha Stewart and ESPN the Magazine. Then I spent the next 10 years working on audience building for websites that grow to over a million visitors a month, and learning how to measure and reproduce strategies to help those sites succeed. 

I combine those two sides of my expertise—copywriting and strategy—to help business owners turn their subscribers into people who love to get marketing emails! Because those emails anticipate what they need, what they’re interested in, and what they have questions about, and those emails contain answers.  This transformation in the way clients use email translates into increased revenue.

One client that I worked with earned over 12 months added $100,000 to her revenue compared to the 12 months prior by using my unique strategies, systems, and process.

Here’s my full bio


Want to hear more about how email strategy can amp up your business? Click to schedule a free breakthrough session with me.



Who I help:

Beth Anne Schwamberger, owner of Brilliant Business Moms

I can count on her.


She always thinks very intentionally about planning the right content for a given audience. … Great at tweaking/adjusting if things don’t go according to plan. … She measures and tracks everything and it’s amazing how many business owners just throw things against the wall. She is meticulous.”


Rachel Coley, owner of CanDoKiddo.com

Since working with Maggie, sales of my online course have more than tripled and sales of my books have nearly doubled.

I can say with confidence that this is a direct result of Maggie’s strategies. … 

Read Rachel’s full story here.


Becky Rapinchuk, owner of Cleanmama.net and Clean Mama Home

becky headshot-square.jpg
The big change is that I can see the growth path, and I can see change and consistent income growth.

If I hadn’t hired you and I had just kept things going the same, my income probably would have dropped this year. …

Read Becky’s full story here.


Stephanie O’Dea, New York Times best-selling author, owner of StephanieODea.com

download (2).jpeg
Maggie is compassionate, empathetic, and real.

I have an entrepreneurial brain — which means that it’s pretty much like a ping pong ball when I am brainstorming. I appreciate that Maggie understands that I think best this way, and allows me to brain-dump while still giving me concrete action steps to implement so I continue to move forward.

She is organized, which I appreciate. I like that she immediately sends over a list of action steps that she is going to take and clearly asks for what she needs from me to move forward. 


Want to hear more about how email strategy can amp up your business? Click to schedule a free breakthrough session with me.

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