Copy of Strategy Session + Roadmap

“Build your list. Build your list! BUILD YOUR LIST!!!”

Maybe you heard advice like that months or years ago and you created a “lead magnet.” And voila! People are glad to sign up. Good for you!

You’ve BUILT the list… but what do you DO with it?

Some “gurus” claim email is dead. Other experts claim “the money is in the list.” Who is right?

Neither! Many of the entrepreneurs I work with earn the bulk of their revenue from selling directly to their lists. But having a long list of email addresses, and even emailing them regularly is not enough.

You need a plan for creating a relationship with your subscribers, so that you can move from “saying hi” on email to earning money from your list without being sleazy or spammy.

The Email Evaluation and Roadmap gives you a clear, do-able plan for increasing your revenue from email within the next 6-12 months.  

By the end of our session:

  • Know the steps you need to take over 6-12 months to improve your sales through email.

  • Know what steps to prioritize and what order to do them.

  • Have detailed instructions on the exact first step you need to take the moment you hang up.

How it works:


Complete a customized pre-call questionnaire that helps me understand your business goals, what you’ve tried so far, and potential gaps in your current email strategy that are causing you to leave money on the table.

During our 1-hour video call, we’ll:

  • Discuss a step-by-step strategy for how to achieve your 6-month sales goals from email

  • Dig really deep on the first 3 steps of that strategy so you know exactly how to get started

  • Determine a timeline for the entire strategy, setting dates for each task

Within a week of our call, I’ll send you the Strategy Report, which includes:

  1. A priority list with the 10-12 steps you’ll take over the next 6-12 months, and all the details we discussed for how to execute each step

  2. An evaluation of up to 15 of your emails, with clear recommendations for how to improve your sales copywriting within your emails, and also how to tweak your email program so that you can earn more from your email list.

  3. An evaluation of your list segmentation and automation system, with clear recommendations for how to improve your system to make more money from your list.

  4. A recording of the call

Who this is for:

Online sellers or one-on-one service providers. There’s no list-size minimum, however you should:

  • Have sent at least 6 emails to your list in the past year.

  • Your list is growing by at least 2% per month.

  • You want to create a new stream of income and/or you want to understand the strategy behind scaling your sales efforts.

You’ll take the results of the session and run with them, either by hiring me to implement, hiring someone else, or doing it yourself.


Think this might be what you need? Schedule a free 20-minute Clarity Call with me.

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