1-on-1 Big Idea Coaching

Go from writing generic content that gets you nothing to writing the kind of content that gets you new leads, clients, business and networking opportunities.

1. 4 one-on-one calls to articulate your Big Idea and continue to capture your key messages as they evolve, week after week.  (Value: $2000)

2. 12 published 500-1500 word blog posts, written by you and edited by me. 

3. One round of edits on every piece you write. I bring my 15 years of professional editing experience to each of your pieces to help you to clarify the Big Idea each week. My editorial process alone has helped clients transform the way they explain what they do in a way that draws clients and business opportunities to them. 

Get those magnetic, irresistible thoughts out of your head and heart and on to paper. (Value: $5,000) 

4. Unlimited Voxer access to me. Voxer is a voice and text app. Ask me questions in real time. Reach out to me in between meetings when you feel completely stuck in your writing and you’re not sure how to move forward. I answer you within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. (Value: $1,000)

5. Key Messaging Document: Your message, distilled into one sentence. Plus underlying themes you’ve explored in each of your blog posts, with description of how each post relates back to your key message. (Value: $1000)

6. Resistance Log: This is like having The War of Art custom-written for you. Every time we meet or chat on Voxer, I capture the voice of your “inner mean girl,” in your words. Over the weeks, I uncover patterns in the way you talk to yourself about your writing so that you can move past “writer’s block” and you can write better content in less time. (Value: $300)

7. Mom Cave: a weekly coworking meeting for community, accountability and co-working energy. Get this meeting on your calendar and stop worrying about where to fit in your writing time. We don’t have to write a masterpiece every week, but we do need to keep writing. Mom Cave allows you to do that. (Value: $200)

8. FINAL meeting: Your Big Idea distilled in one sentence so that you can move forward. We decide next steps together: how will you infuse your brand with your big idea, now that you know exactly what it is in one sentence? Will you write a book? Update your website content? Add a new component to your service or create a new service?  (Value $500)

Final outcome: 1. Your key message in one sentence.
2. An understanding of how you articulate that message so that business opportunities come toward you.
3. Clarity on what your next project is and how to pursue it, whether that’s a book, adding a new service offering, creating a new keynote, etc.

You’ll understand your message, medium, the way you’re going to pursue the message going forward. And you’ll be able to tell others so they understand. 

If you have a team, they can use the Key Messaging Document to understand how to amplify your message. 

Week by Week

 Week 1

→ A 45-minute kickoff call. We will go through a series of exercises designed to get you to articulate:

  1. Your key messages: what you want to be known for within your industry

  2. Your ideal audience member for your writing

→ Within 7 days of this meeting, you write your first piece of weekly content. 

→ Week 2: I edit your first piece of content. 

→ Week 3: We meet again to discuss how the writing felt, the blockages, and how many pieces you’d like to write for the rest of the engagement

→ Weeks 4- 13: 
You write anywhere from 5 to 10 more pieces between 500 and 1500 words. I edit them within 48 hours.
We have 3 progress meetings within this 9-week time frame.

Week 13→ You’ll receive your KEY MESSAGING DOCUMENT, written by me. It’s a report that contains
   → Your KEY MESSAGE, in one sentence
   → Your approach to your key message, based on the writing you’ve done throughout our work together
→ Next steps for using this message to build your platform, including customizing the message for
– A book proposal
– A keynote
– A particular social media channel where you’d like to build your following
– Video/film

→ Week 14: we’ll have our final 45-minute 1-on-1  to solidify your ideal audience member and key messages one last time. 

Total Value: $10,000

Package price: $3,500

Everything will be completed with my in-depth guidance, expertise, and empathy. I’m with you every step of the way. 

The 8 components of the ‘Be About Something’ System


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