Write the book that delivers your brilliance into the world.

Hear people say, "She wrote the book on that."

My clients are CEOs, trailblazers & mission-focused.

I imagine much like you.

You already know you have a book waiting to be written.

Now is finally the time to begin.

I take great ideas (yours) and turn them into books that light the world on fire. And help you find your voice.

Two ways to work with me

One-on-one coaching

That brilliant idea you’ve been spinning on for years? I help you get it out of your head and into a book. 

You do the writing, I do the guiding, helping you get unstuck, keeping you on deadline, and editing your work so that you produce a book that you feel confident about.

Book Breakthrough: From Idea to Rooadmap in 8 weeks

What if there were a way to finish all the heavy lifting of writing a book in just 8 weeks? 

I created Book Breakthrough because I’ve seen too many highly motivated first-time authors give up before they finish. It’s not because they suck at writing. It’s not even because they don’t have time. 

It’s because, after making the commitment to write the book and coming up with a great idea… they did not know the next step to take. 

Book Breakthrough is here to deliver a roadmap to writing a page-turner. Find out more.

“I just want to thank you, because I feel really really really really proud of that piece that I put out today. It was the first time I want so personal. I feel seen And that feels good. So thank you because I don’t know without your help if I would have actually pushed that one out. Maybe it would ave just swirled around in my brain for years. So looking forward to the next one!”

– Sharon Stolt

A headshot of Jenny Magic, one of Maggie's book clients.

“My co-author and I came to Maggie with a messy half-manuscript and a 90-day deadline and we finished early! I have even helped edit a few books in the past, so I thought I knew what I was doing. Maggie taught me so much! She made me a better writer, organized the outline, and basically kept us on track. I’ve already recommended her to multiple aspiring authors, so if you want to hire her, get on her list! She’s about to be pretty busy. 🙂 

– Jenny Magic

“One of the most valuable responses has been from my daughter. She’s been reading my writing. She told me she feels like she knows me better and she understands who I am. That is priceless. I feel like I’m able to leave a legacy.”

– Emily Journey

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Why do I help people write their books?

Because I believe you (yes, you!) have a story so good inside of you, your struggles, your insights, and the knowledge you’ve gained have the potential to transform lives.
But that story has to get told.
These are the stories I want to bring into the world.
I believe everyone has a book inside them. The trouble is, not everyone knows how to get that book out.

Many people, especially the ones worth reading books about, don’t know how to talk about their ideas. They don’t know how to encapsulate their unique story, and have blocks that make them hide.

Without guidance, this hesitancy translates to a sweet, boring book with a perfect word count that is nice, but not impressive.

I don’t let you write boring.

I guide you to shape your story so that anyone who picks up your book becomes engrossed.

Have we met? I’m Maggie. You can get a full intro to me here.

Are you always telling yourself you need to set aside time to write, but it never seems to happen?

Join Time to Write our free weekly writing community.

How writing a book with Maggie works

When you choose private book coaching, writing with me follows
a series of steps so you never feel like you have no idea what’s coming next.

Gathering Phase:

We define your thesis in one sentence and your audience and their pain points. What are they going to go out into the world knowing that they didn’t know before they read your book?

We’ll also decide on a structure, outline chapters, and do research.

Outline Phase:

This phase is focused on creating a plan for the book as a whole. We create a detailed outline, with all sections included, and overview paragraphs written for each major section.

First Draft Phase:

We continue to develop the structure of the book and flesh out each chapter. This phase focuses on developing a book-length argument, and detailing the story we’re telling. The result is a first draft with all the most important elements included.

Refining Phase:

I perform one global edit on the first draft. We review the edit. Then, we focus on adding details and transitions, making sure that the narrative moves smoothly from section to section so that the book feels like a book, and not just a series of shorter pieces of writing.

Final Review:

You perform a final review prior to handing the book off for professional copyediting and proofreading. No major edits or structural changes are expected during this phase. Then I perform a detailed line edit, with an eye particularly for removing any unnecessary sections, catching run-on sentences, and making final small fixes.

Rates + Pricing

(Payment plans available.)


Done-for-you Nonfiction, non-memoir

Email maggie at maggiefrankhsu dot com for project rates. 

Book Coaching 


Duration: 3, 6, or 12 months

Bi-weekly calls to refine your Big Idea, capture your key messages as they evolve, and set your weekly goals.

Weekly assignments that keep you on track.

Weekly rounds of edits on your work.

A final line-by-line edit of the entire work.

A final status meeting: We’ll review all you’ve accomplished and make a plan for how to get your manuscript published.



Duration: 8 weeks

Want to write your book but not sure where to start? Have you started writing your book only to get stuck after a few days or weeks? 

Book Breakthrough is your ticket to avoid wasting time or getting overwhelmed and quitting. 

Build a roadmap you will use from start to finish of the book-writing process. Click the button below for more details.

3-2-1 Review


Get specific, actionable feedback on your writing from a trained professional.

3 – You submit between 500-1500 words—up to 3 pages

2 – Maggie returns to you 2 sets of feedback: Comments highlighting the elements of your work that you can feel confident about. Constructive questions to ask yourself as you continue to develop the work.

1 – in 1 video (5-10 minutes in length)

Ghostwriting & book production

Ghostwriting Only

Book coaching & Book production

Book coaching only

Synopsis Session: What is this book about? Why does it need to exist?


Guided by Maggie

Guided by Maggie


Maggie Writes

Maggie Writes

You write, Maggie Reviews

You write, Maggie Reviews

First Draft

Maggie Writes

Maggie Writes

Guided by Maggie

Guided by Maggie

Second Draft

Maggie Writes

Maggie Writes

You write, Maggie Reviews

You write, Maggie Reviews

Final Line Edit

Outside Editor

Outside Editor

Maggie Edits

Maggie Edits

Copy Edit (Fiding Grammar, Typos)

Book Production Services:

Not included

Not included


You do. Whether you choose to hire me to ghostwrite the book or you write and I coach you, you are listed as author. As ghostwriter Kevin Anderson has said, “A client who hires a ghostwriter is still the author of their book. . . . A ghostwriter is an interpreter and a translator, not an author, which is why our clients deserve full credit for authoring their books.”

(See what I did there? I credited him, instead of just writing his idea and pretending I thought of it. Because I don’t do that.)

The contract we sign. You could sue me if I stole your idea and I would lose. 🤷

One big difference comes down to control. When a publishing house signs a contract with you, they gain some control over the way your book will reach the market.

In exchange, they pay, usually they pay you in advance, which is schweet. No one is paying you anything to self-publish, and you have to spend money for things like editing, cover design, and typesetting.

But in exchange, you retain full control over all rights to your book. You decide how to distribute it. You decide how many copies to give away. This becomes very important if you’re thinking of using your book as a “lead magnet,” a freebie that you give away in exchange for someone joining your list. 

Nope! Traditional publishing is a gatekeeping mechanism. The publishers hire gatekeepers who have many, many unacknowledged biases. 

These can range from snobbery about where you’ve been previously published to where (or if) you went to college to unacknowledged racism, sexism, or ableism. 

That doesn’t mean you won’t get a contract if you’re not a white/cis/hetero/able-bodied man. But it does mean that sometimes agents or publishers will tell you they’re saying NO because your idea is not strong enough, when they’re actually saying NO because they don’t understand the market for your book. 

So if you hear NO from the traditional publishing world, I encourage you not to think of self-publishing as second fiddle. Self-publishing is a way to bypass the gatekeepers and reach your market directly (and keep more of the money from book sales for yourself). 

It’s the equivalent of creating a wildly successful YouTube channel instead of getting booked on a TV show. It offers a road to the success and recognition you deserve, without the battle with naysayers.

Great! You need to write a book proposal and find an agent. I do consult on book proposals, and the first thing we would do is meet to discuss your book idea and its positioning in the market. You can book a one-time strategy session for that here.

I engage you in interviews. I have 10 years of journalism experience and a master’s degree from the Columbia School of Journalism, where I spent a large portion of my time learning how get the story.

What that means for our partnership is a series of recorded interviews where we will talk about your angle of focus on your topic. Is it personal experience? Professional expertise? Do you have a framework that you’re using but you’ve never written down before?

The interviews allow you to unpack all that’s in your brain so we can start finding and organizing the information that will go into the book, and unpacking and leaving behind nuggets of wisdom or personal stories that are fascinating, but don’t make the cut for this book.

The interviews are the first step toward organizing all your ideas.

If you write your own book, plan to spend 10-15 hours a week on it for about four months. If you hire me to ghostwrite, the time commitment is about 4 hours per week in the first month, as I interview to gather information, and then 1 to 2 hours a week in subsequent months until we’re done.

Each contract includes a 21-day grace period for each of the 5 book-writing stages. If the book is delayed beyond that 21 days as a result of you not finishing research or writing, our contract is paused until the stage is finished. There is a $500 contract unpause fee.

I include this fee because a deadline is the most important motivation a writer has to finish her work. Without an enforced deadline, your book risks falling to the bottom of your to-do list and never getting done.

Payments occur on a fixed schedule and are not tied to completing phases of the book. This is another encouragement for you to stick to the deadlines we agree to at the beginning of the project so you can get the book finished.

Let's write your book.

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