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Thinking about writing a book?

You need this clarifying step first.

Because other people can do the writing for you. (Including me.) But no one else can do the thinking for you.

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Are you a business owner or consultant who is ready to write your book?

Are you sick of…

… having a burst of inspiration, writing a few pages, and then leaving the project aside for months?

… sounding totally generic when you try to write?  

… seeing others in your industry rack up followers and likes and get asked to speak on big stages, even though they don’t have any more experience or expertise than you?

Let’s get that book done.

Two ways to work with me:

1. Private Book Coaching

  • An initial Strategy Session to solidify and map out your book idea

  • Weekly meetings throughout your writing process

  • Editorial review of your work

  • A final, complete “top edit” of the finished manuscript

  • Full proofreading and self-publishing production available

Coaching is available in 3-months increments and starts at $3,500.

(payment plans available)

2. Book Breakthrough, an 8-week group program:

I created Book Breakthrough because I’ve seen too many highly motivated first-time authors give up before they finish.

It’s not because they suck at writing. It’s not even because they don’t have time. 

It’s because, after making the commitment to write the book and coming up with a great idea… 

they did not know the next step to take. 

Book Breakthrough is here to deliver a roadmap to writing a page-turner. 


Want to learn more about how to get your book done? Have questions?

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Still thinking about it?

If you’re not ready to hire a book coach, or you have ideas, but haven’t yet narrowed it down to the Big Idea, check out my book and writing group Be About Something

BAS offers you a chance to develop your ideas and pick out that one, big, legacy-leaving idea that will change people’s lives and leave your stamp on the world. 


Click here to check out the Be About Something book and method, designed to help you clarify your book idea.

What people say about working with Maggie.

Emily Journey from Margaret Hsu on Vimeo.

“I’ve never written just for me. I started doing that with Maggie’s help and it’s been incredible. Every time I post someone emails me wanting to work with me. …

One of the most valuable responses has been from my daughter. She’s been reading my writing. She told me she feels like she knows me better and she understands who I am. That is priceless. I feel like I’m able to leave a legacy.”

— Emily Journey

“Thanks for all you do – love having another record sales month! I splurged on an AWESOME fireman outfit for my son. I would have never done that without the growth you’ve helped with in my business. So pat yourself on the back when you see him on Instagram this weekend lookin’ like the happiest kid on the planet. I’m grateful for our work together.”

— Rachel Coley,


“I LOOOOOVE Maggie’s program!!!!! MOM CAVE is a bright spot in my week. She is amazing. Somehow she draws good writing out of my soul.”

— Irena Miller,

“I was super impressed. I’ve taken classes before but this was so much more useful. It’s the best decision I’ve made to invest back into my business.”

— Chanda Jothen,

“Maggie, you are a genius. In two conversations, you helped me break through blocks that had been holding me back for months.”

— Margo Aaron,

“In the 2 months after I met with you, I doubled my average monthly sales.
… One of the most important things you taught me was that I have Instagram… I should use it! I’ve shown up more on Instagram stories, which was scary for me. It’s been great to let people get to know that I’m the person behind the business. ”

— Lucy Dugger, The Loaf Bar

“Before working with you, I had ideas about topics and opinions I could write about, but I definitely wasn’t confident enough to post something out into the world. You helped me identify when some of my roadblocks were and once we worked those out it was easier to work through them. Also, I really liked then way you had a range of different tips and suggestions to help with different problems I came across. It seemed like you pulled from your resources what was most helpful and appropriate at the time for me rather than having a blanket solution. As I go forward and write more for my business I will be continuing to remember little tips and techniques you taught me. ”

— Kylie Findlay,


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