3 Pinterest Accounts That Drive Traffic–And What You Can Learn From Them

Pinterest is a powerful way to drive traffic to your website. Maybe you already knew that, and maybe you didn’t.

In either case, I love these three Pinterest profiles because they highlight the unique features this social platform has for curating ideas through images.  

1. Sociological Images is the most creative use of Pinterest I’ve seen. Lisa Wade curates boards of “needlessly gendered” products like “Mancan” wine for men and images like this, (with clickthrough for full commentary):  

Another thing I learned from this account: you don’t need the most compelling images to make Pinterest work for you: but you do need to use images that can help you tell the story of your idea. 

2. Teachmama: It’s true that many of these images are pretty, but what I love about Teachmama’s account is that she constantly updates her boards so that the most timely of her content is at the top.


Also, each pin gets specific: one activity, or one tip, for one type of child. Each pin will appeal to a discrete, identifiable audience looking for this kind of info. 


3.  Natalie Jill Fitness. Printable workouts, with links to more detailed explanation. Many of these require no equipment and no need to click through: just follow the directions on the pin itself and you’re good to go. A great way to hook an audience. 

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