Re-Committing to Your Goals and “The Fresh Start Effect”

It’s almost March, which means this year is officially no longer new. Remember all of those inspiring Instagram posts on Jan. 1 about how this was page 1 of a 365-page book, like this one? 

Today is Day 54 of 2016. Now is the time when we start to feel less like the photo above, and more like the photo below. 


Getting punched in the mouth happens to me almost every day that I try. I flail around every time it happens, but that doesn’t make it hurt any less. In fact, flailing around just makes it take longer for me to regain my balance. 

The “Fresh Start Effect” allows us to reset and re-commit to our goals. Hear more about how to replicate the “fresh start” without needing to wait for another new year or milestone.

Here’s a tool I’m using every day to deal with getting punched in the mouth (also inspired by James Altucher, the podcaster you heard if you clicked the link above).

Writing 10 ideas every day. I like to do this early in my workday. Here’s a method for practicing.  

What I get out of this: A safe space to spout as many bad ideas as I can think of. Not just an outlet for creativity, but a kickstart for it.

Ten minutes of absolute freedom from self-criticism. Room to be creative. Room to sound like an idiot. 


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