Using Instagram’s Geo-Targeting Feature to Identify Leads

This tactic, like many others, is quite simple, but you need to spend some time on it if you really want to start seeing it work for you. 



1. Where does your target market spend time? Let’s say you’re product or service is aimed at people who work from home. How do you find them? Where do those people tend to go when they get tired of sitting at home in their PJs but still want to get some serious work done. … 

I bet you answered this question before you even finished reading it: coffee shops. So, if you start by typing in the behemoth of coffee shops, you’ll see you have dozens of spots to explore via Instagram.

Make sure the PLACES tab at top is highlighted when you're searching. 

Make sure the PLACES tab at top is highlighted when you’re searching. 


This geo-targeting tip allows you to connect with people who are ready to hear about your offers–and you may not have found these leads in other ways, or even by paying for an Instagram ad. 

Remember, when you find a potential lead, you don’t need to pitch them in a comment or private message. Just like two or three of their photos and follow them. If they are someone who’s genuinely interested in your products or services, chances are they will start to follow you. 

Then, work on posting great photos that represent you and your product. Here are some photo tips. 

Have you tried this tactic for getting noticed? How has it worked for you? 

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