Ditch the Guilt and Design Your Business

A little over a year ago, to the casual observer, she was a successful, ambitious, and driven professional. But her health was suffering, (she was so tired that she was afraid to drive for fear of falling asleep), and she felt like a bad mom and an exhausted human being. So she did something about it.

When Natalie told me her story, I knew I wanted to interview her and share it with you because I meet so many other moms who are pushing so hard. It never feels easy, and deep down, we feel suspicious of anything that comes naturally or feels easy.

Our kids need us, our partners need us, our communities need us, our parents need us… and we approach business the same way. It’s just another drain; just another entity that needs our energy, and saps us dry. “That’s just the way it is”… right?

Not for Natalie. She got pretty sick of that. So sick that she actually had a diagnosable illness. But it was the way that Natalie stepped back and re-assessed her life that really struck me. She didn’t just turn the lights off and go home.

She shares the exact method she used to assess her life and make changes in our interview.

Find out how she did it:

Natalie’s toolkit is available at natalieanntaylor.com

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