How to Play Barbies in Your Business

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I remember the first time I’d ever heard of an “Ideal Client Avatar.” You’re supposed to create an ICA to figure out how to market to her.

I got disenchanted with ICAs. “They’re not real people!” I got kind of grumpy about the whole idea of dreaming up a completely imaginary person. I wanted to meet real, live people who could benefit from what I sell.

Real people buy stuff. ICAs don’t. Right?

Recently, though, I warmed up again to the idea of the Ideal Client Avatar.

Because… Barbies.
Remember when you used to play Barbies? Your Barbie could be whomever you wanted her to be? She could live in a castle! She could… make scented soap! She could have a dog and a ferret who were best friends.

No limits.

That was fun! Sometimes, we need to bring a bit of fun into our businesses.

I applied the “Barbie mentality” to the ICA.

Who would I help with your products and services if I could help anybody? If I unbound by any constraints?

I found a lot of fun and freedom in this exercise. I still believe that once you answer that question, you still need to chat with real-life humans, to figure out what keeps them up at night, how they think about their problems, and what they’ve tried in the past to solve them.

But, for the purposes of removing the restraints on what I think is possible in my own business, spending an hour dreaming up an ICA inspired me to articulate who I want to help and how my services help them.

>> Once you’ve got your ICA, you’re going to want to figure out what to write to them. Continue this conversation and get my free training: <<

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