How will I know when I’m ready to write my book?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about mindset.

When it comes to struggling with writing, it’s true: mindset is a big factor. Working on my own mindset helped me complete two books over the past 18 months.

But also.

After working over the past few years with many clients who are first-time authors, I’ve realized that mindset is not the problem.

It’s that they don’t know the next right step to take after they come up with their book.

So, they dive into writing. And there they encounter gremlins.

Not the cute Ewok-type ones. The slimy, green, haunt-your-nightmares ones. Like…

  • My idea isn’t original enough, or that it’s not something enough to deserve to become a book.
  • I’m not experienced/expert/successful/wealthy/wise enough to write this story.
  • My first, unedited attempts are not as good as Becoming/Untamed/Educated/Small Doses, (even when they know darn well that each of those are whole-ass, edited and published books🧐 ).

And they quit.

​The funny thing is, I’ve written and published and worked with other published writers for over 20 years and if there is one thing I know: All published writers hear these gremlins and many more. Even when they’re on the right track.

Seasoned writers start and finish books all the time without defeating these gremlins first. Which means if you have gremlins, you can publish, too.

But if you dive into the writing without creating a roadmap first, you have to do two things at once:

1. Face your gremlins (on your own) without letting them derail you AND

2. Figure out (on your own) that “just diving into writing” was the wrong first step and figure out (on your own) the right first step.

​These can be lonely, discouraging experiences.

That’s why there’s Book Breakthrough.

Book Breakthrough ensures that you will not start your book with the wrong step. But it also provides the support of group members who are all working toward the same goal.

Plus my guidance, as a person who (yes I’m going to say it again) has written two books in the past 18 months.

In 8 weeks, you will leave Book Breakthrough with a detailed roadmap so you can start the writing with confidence. You’ll also have encountered your combo of gremlins, and you’ll learn how to keep going anyway.

​How do you know if you’re ready?
You don’t know. You decide.

Lots more info here:


​PS: The waitlist for Book Breakthrough is open. You can put your name on the list today! Book Breakthrough will be making a return later this year, and spots will be limited.

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