She said the loud part quiet and the quiet part loud


Yesterday I was workshopping an email with a Sweet Spot client of mine.She was telling a harrowing story in her email. She’s a talented writer, so the story was vivid. Snow. A car crash. No cell phone. All alone.

When the trucker pulled over to help, my jaw clenched. “He better be a good guy!” I thought.

It was that good.

Then, at the end of the email, she snailed ?. As in…

You know when you touch a snail’s antennae and they slowly curl in? ??

That’s what she did. She had this crazy story that was also a natural metaphor for the journey of her perfect client from side-lined to getting back on the road. So, she wanted to end the email with an offer. A free offer to help them! But instead she ended with, “join the interest list.” You know. If you wanna.

She would have sent that email and gotten a tepid response. How do I know?

Tepid request. = Tepid response.

No one will be annoyed or offended. No one will pay much attention, either, but that’s the trade-off.

And for a lot of the women that’s the problem.

They want to be known for what they do, but they don’t want to be noticed.

How do I know? I have BEEN THERE.

You don’t have to be a talented writer to write good email. And you can be a talented writer and still need a lot of help with email.

Email isn’t about writing talent, it’s about your ability to think bigger. It’s about making your offer with confidence, because you know it’s exactly right for the type of people who struggle with the problem you solve. How exciting! You’re going to help them fix it! They just have to decide they’re ready.

And that sounds great, but what do you do with the advice to “think bigger”? Or to have more confidence?

Is confidence like Tinkerbell? Just believe enough and she’ll appear?

Maybe that works for some people. That doesn’t work for me.

But I found 3 things that did work for me. That stopped me from “snailing,” and allowed me to write email consistently, and to sell on email, without holding back because I might bother somebody. And I created a free training from what I figured out.

If you want a free training that teaches you how to stop hiding and start attracting people to you, sign up .

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