Writing Accountability (without the shame)

How do I do what I say I’m going to do? Without: ​Accountability without shame is not just a “nice” thing or a way to love ourselves–though it is those things. It’s also a way to make it easier to succeed. Because the quickest way for me to decide to quit on a goal is to set an unrealistic expectation and then beat myself up when I don’t meet it. Unrealistic expectations, for me, are either: ​It is so very easy to fail at a goal like this. So, what is the alternative? Writing accountability without shame. Setting reasonable goals. Maybe sometimes not meeting them! And then, when we don’t meet them, adjusting them to make them even easier to meet. Accountability without shame is our practice in Time to Write. In fact, one of the main reasons I started Time […]

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Three Things that Will Get You Unstuck If You’re Staring at a Blank Page Right Now

Presented without comment Writing for your business can feel daunting, even if you’ve been doing it for a while. These are my tips for getting started.   1. Make a swipe file. Are you already doing this? I can’t think of a writer who wouldn’t (or doesn’t!) benefit from looking for inspiration. Keeping a swipe file for the different types of writing you do is a great way to cut down on wasting time perusing the internet every time you need to write something. It’s a great way for keeping you from falling down the black hole of Twitter/Facebook, too.  Here are some swipe files to get you started (or Google them if you don’t see one you like on the list!)  Headline swipe file Opening line Facebook ad Blog post About page   2. Write down every good question.

Three Things that Will Get You Unstuck If You’re Staring at a Blank Page Right Now Read More »

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