The Retinol method: too much, too soon

I just started using Retinol last week. It’s an anti-wrinkle skin cream. Yes, I know, they are all “anti-wrinkle” skin creams. But Retinol actually works moderately well.

Magic in a tube.

And on that tube itself is written the following recommendation:

“If you have never used Retinol products, begin use two evenings a week, then gradually increase frequency to every other night, and finally once an evening as tolerated.”

I’ve written before about people who go too hard too soon, exhaust themselves, and quit.

Retinol is apparently aware of this phenomenon, too. Retinol knows I want resultsAND Retinol knows that if I start by applying Retinol to my skin every night, my skin will sting and peel and I’ll quit using it.

(It’d be more precise to say that whoever makes Retinol knows these things, but for the sake of argument let’s just attribute this intelligence to Retinol herself.)

It’s as if she knows I’ve tried Retinol already. Twice before, in fact. Each time, I’ve quit after a couple of weeks because Retinol stings. That’s why it’s written right on the tube.


“I get it, you want results. But if you use too much too soon, you’ll end up quitting altogether. 🙁 And you can’t get results if you don’t use me.”


(OK, that got weird.) My point is:

Too much, too soon, results in quitting. Better to subscribe to the Retinol Method. Start slow. Develop a tolerance.

Wouldn’t you know it? Writing a book requires the same ramping-up strategy!


That’s why in Book Breakthrough, my new 8-week program for first-time authors, we start with your idea and story and create a roadmap.

You do NOT have to write every day to achieve results in Book Breakthrough. (As Retinol might say, You can’t get results if you quit before you’ve developed a tolerance.)

I’ve designed Book Breakthrough as a way to ease into writing, so that you’re less likely to burn through all your momentum early and quit, not because you have a bad idea or because you “suck” at writing, but because you don’t know the next step to take, so more writing just makes you feel more stuck, like you’re writing in circles.

Lots of energy, wrong direction. Book Breakthrough is here to help you stop the swirl and use your energy to move forward.


You can read all the details of this 8-week program here:

Join the waitlist today! Book Breakthrough will be opening again soon a little later this year.

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