You don’t need to be a celebrity to hire a ghostwriter

Before I started ghostwriting books, I thought that ghostwriters were just for celebrities, or at least corporate executives who didn’t have time to write their own book.

Then, I had a ghostwriting mentor who told me that she turned down a contract like that once.

She had read the brief on what this high profile CEO wanted – a memoir filled with his hard-earned business acumen. His assistant revealed that Mr. CEO couldn’t give the ghostwriter any of his time. He was ready to hire her, but she should know she’d probably only meet him once.

So my mentor said no. “He can’t devote the time it takes to get the book he wants.”


When I dove into my first ghostwriting project, I could see exactly why she had declined the project.

A ghostwriter doesn’t just write words. The right ghostwriter extracts the contents of the client’s head, spreads them on a clean work surfaces, and picks out the morsels that belong in a book.

Yes, I save my clients lots of time and the pain of having to sit in front of a blank screen.

But the client gets more than some extra time and avoided pain.

The right ghostwriter helps her client:

1. highlight the valuable parts of their story that they’ve discounted or just plain ignored.

2. cut the parts of their story that will bore everyone besides her client.

More examples of 1 and 2 are in this video I shared on Linkedin.

Get some rest and be well this week. <3


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